Program Description

Consider the benefits of membership in a Learning Community! You will…

  • Get to know other First-Year Students who have interests similar to yours. Each Learning Community will have 20 students who have a specific area of interest. 
  • Live close to others in your Learning Community, as members will be housed by groups in proximity to each other in on-campus housing.
  • Be enrolled during Fall semester in two core courses and a First Year Seminar with other members of your Learning Community. In Spring Semester, you will be part of a service-learning project under the guidance of a faculty member. You choose the remaining courses in your schedule to round out your first year at UGA.
  • Have increased access to faculty and upper class peer advisors who participate in extra-curricular programs with the Learning Communities.

The following Learning Communities will be housed in Creswell Hall:

  • Capitalism
  • Think Globally; Act Locally
  • Global Health Issues and Biomedical Research at UGA
  • Digital Technology and a Better life?
  • Slavery: Why It Still Matters
  • Robotics and Performance

The following Learning Communities will be housed in Building 1516:

  • Sustainability: Infant Feeding
  • Sustainable Food Systems: Feeding the World Without Harming the Environment
  • Sustainability: Law and the Environment
  • Changing Climage: Changing Life

Only 20 students will be admitted to each Learning Community. If you are interested, return the online application form as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Be part of a new program that helps you make new friends, learn about topics that are interesting to you, and interact with faculty on campus! Be a member of our new Learning Communities!


UGA Learning Communities from UGA OVPI on Vimeo.

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