2014-2015 Learning Community Themes


This topic first introduces students to the concept of capitalism. The student will study briefly the intellectual history of capitalism including the proponents and critics. Under capitalism decisions about production and allocation are determined mainly by private decisions and exchanges in a market, and private property exists. Then we will study the nature of business operating in a capitalistic system. How business is organized and what are the goals and objectives of a business and, how does government interact with businesses. In addition, students will be introduced to the various academic and practitioner disciplines of business.

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Climate and Sports

Have you ever wondered whether it was too hot or cold to exercise, why baseballs travel farther in high altitude stadiums like Coors Field in Denver, or when the best time to climb Mount Everest would be?  Weather and climate can have a profound influence on sports. In this course, we will explore how factors like temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure can affect athletic performance and safety.   Using case studies, we will study hyperthermia among football players, the impacts of weather on baseball, the role of weather and climate in climbing Mount Everest, and how climate change might affect sports activities.

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Global Engagement

The Global Engagement Learning Community meets weekly to explore cultural issues, the meaning of global citizenship, and the fundamentals of service learning. The seminar focuses on these issues by encouraging participation in local events, exhibits and lectures on campus, along with volunteer experiences. The process of discovery is framed by an understanding of urban spaces and how people use them. Concentration is placed on local and global heritage preservation and resource conservation programs and initiatives.

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Life Sciences - Biochemistry, Genetics, and Cell Biology

The topic is current research in the areas of cell biology, developmental biology, and infectious diseases. The discussions will focus on research methodology, the broad significance of the findings, aspects of effective public speaking, and avenues for additional learning in these areas both in the formal curriculum and through undergraduate research experience. The major goal is to share the excitement for current findings in life sciences research, and to explore the relationships between biology, chemistry, and physics. Further, we will discuss avenues for additional learning experiences in these areas at the University of Georgia.

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Life Sciences - Maternal and Child Nutrition & Health around the Globe

This seminar will look at maternal and child nutrition issues around the world with emphasis on developing countries particularly Africa. The MCNH Learning Community will meet weekly to explore nutrition issues in resource poor communities or households. The discussions will focus on the impact of poverty, food insecurity and poor nutrition on women and children, and will challenge participants to come up with innovative ways of addressing this important public health issue. Participants will be required to attend local events and on-campus lectures, and participate in volunteer opportunities. The main goal is to expose participants to nutrition issues early in their college career and to explore potential solutions to global nutrition issues.

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Mass Communication

The Mass Communication Learning Community meets weekly to explore the media industry and issues in social media, journalism, public relations, among other mass communication areas. From the invention of the printing press to the modern world where everyone is a publisher, this course focuses on both the impact of technology and the changes in society that support the evolution of the media industry. Students will learn to become critical consumer of the millions of messages they are exposed to daily and will discuss the big question of "what's next" for media.

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Like to argue? Everyone always telling you that you should be a lawyer? Think you will make a lot of money as a lawyer? The Pre Law Learning Community will dispel these and other myths and is for those students interested in legal issues, attending law school, or entering the legal profession.  The course will provide an overview of the American judicial system and will explore current environmental / natural resource issues, such as climate change, waste disposal, oil drilling, or marine preservation, and their resolution under the law. The class will be based on outside reading, reflective writing, seasoned debate, guest speakers, field trips, and consistent and active participation in class discussions.  We will also cover preparation for, admission to and success in law school along with information from attorneys about what they have done with their law degree. You should finish the seminar with a better understanding of how the law actually works, the many facets of the legal profession, and how to best prepare for admission to and success in law school should you choose to follow that path.

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