2016-2017 Learning Community Themes



This Learning Community will consider the intellectual history of capitalism, its proponents and critics. Under capitalism, decisions about production and allocation are determined mainly by private decisions and exchanges in a market, and private property exists. How then do businesses interact with government in a capitalistic system?

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Changing Climate: Changing Life

Have you noticed changes like more hot days or more extremes in weather lately?  Our changing climate may be the cause. Our learning community will explore how climate change impacts your daily life. Topics will include how climate change will affect environmental hazards like floods, hurricanes and wildfires, illnesses like malaria or Lyme disease, recreational activities like sports, and the severity of seasonal allergies. 

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Think Globally; Act Locally

This learning community helps students identify local issues that have global impacts. The class is introduced to community issues and participatory problem solving as they research and develop a service-learning proposal in the fall semester seminar. Students and the lead instructor then implement that community-based project as a team in a spring semester service-learning studio. It is a hands-on experiential process from beginning to end while also introducing first year students to the numerous opportunities at UGA for international engagement

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Global Health Issues and Biomedical Research at UGA

How do we come to understand the basis of genetic or infectious diseases? Who is involved in the research that defines the causes and cures for diseases? Discover the process for biomedical research and how it leads to clinical applications. We will read about and discuss the history, current status, and future directions of biomedical research at UGA within the context of global endeavors.

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Sustainability: Infant Feeding

This seminar will focus on nutrition and health issues during the first 1,000 days of life with particular emphasis on developing countries, particularly Africa. The discussions will focus on the impact of the environment, poverty, access to healthcare, food insecurity and poor nutrition on women and children and will challenge participants to come up with innovative ways of addressing this important public health issue. Participants will be required to attend local events and on-campus lectures and participate in volunteer opportunities. The main goal is to expose participants to early life nutrition issues early in their college career and explore potential solutions to global nutrition issues.

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Digital Technology and a Better Life?

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed? For the majority of you, it will be looking at your mobile phone. More and more people are spending increasingly large amounts of time inside virtual worlds rather than interacting with real people in real worlds. How is this changing the way we think? Does it influence the way we behave in the real world? This seminar will explore the answers to these questions by exploring emerging digital media ranging from the Internet to immersive virtual environments and how they can influence the way that we think and behave. Students will engage in weekly discussions about research findings on the effect of emerging digital media on attitudes and behaviors.

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Sustainability: Law and the Environment

Which “P” of the triple bottom line—People, Planet or Profit—matters most? Do we have too much or too little environmental regulation? How do developed and developing countries address global climate issues from their differing perspectives? Who pays (and who should pay) to keep the environment clean—government, corporations or the consumer? This seminar will address these and other hot topic issues as we explore the intersection of law and science in ensuring a sustainable environment for YOUR generation and those to follow.

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Slavery: Why It Still Matters

Why are we still talking about slavery in 2016?  Isn’t it best to just forget it and move on?  What does it have to do with today?  How can we do anything about it now?  Do we need to?  These are extremely important issues that clearly impact policy issues in law, business, education, religion, social services, politics, entertainment, law enforcement and other areas.  Discover how.

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Sustainable Food Systems: Feeding the World Without Harming the Environment

Everyone agrees that feeding the world’s population is a major worldwide concern that will only become more challenging in the future. Disagreement lies in the causes of world hunger and proposed solutions. Reports abound as to how to fix this problem, but the reality is that hunger issues are intertwined with politics, agriculture policy, and depletion of natural resources. This seminar will guide students through the maze of conflicting reports from government experts and NGOs while encouraging students to formulate their own, informed opinion, on this critical issue. Class activities will include food sampling and gardening.

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Robotics and Performance

Discover the role of robots on stage and screen, from Rossum’s Universal Robot to Wall-e to BB-8. Work first-hand with UGA’s own acting robot, Zeeb Zob, and explore a variety of human-robot interactions.

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